Rev. Dr Robert H.Bennett, PhD, S.T.M, MDiv.

Books By Rev. Dr Robert H.Bennett
I Am Not Afraid: Demon Possession and Spiritual Warfare
by Bennett, Robert H.
Exorcism and Spiritual Warfare in Madagascar; Real Life Stories of Possession [Kindle Edition].
Urban Missions in Madagascar; Evangelism and Mystery in the Crowded Streets [Kindle Edition].
A Glimpse into the Possessed Mind: Phenomenological Events Surrounding Exorcism and Conversion
Western Theology meets African Spirituality: Spiritual Healing in Madagascar [Kindle Edition]
Missionary Methods EMS 21: Research, Reflections, and Realities -Dr. Bennett is the author of Chapter Eight
Other Books by Robert H Bennett
Afraid: Demon Possession and Spiritual Warfare In America
by bennett, Robert H.
A fascinating and unnerving book, Afraid is a must-read that equips all Christians to recognize the devil’s influence in our society and to act on it. Robert Bennett describes real events and actual confessions people have shared with him of demonic encounters—in America, in our modern age. Summoning demons, interacting with “ghosts,” and holding séances led to what many may call horrifying hallucinations and even schizophrenia. But for many Americans, these things are their spirituality. How can we break free from the despair and crushing fear that such encounters can bring? How do we come to the aid of our neighbors who are lost in Satan’s deceptions? Bennett points us to the only way out: God’s grace and the medicines He gives to His people.
While Africa and Madagascar seem like strange and faraway places, the world in which we now live has become much smaller than many of us could ever have imagined. Moreover, even our neighbors visit the local fortuneteller, read the horoscope page in the newspaper, and attend séances that seek to reach departed friends, lovers, and family members. Consequently, as we begin a journey into faraway places, we may soon find they are not as far away as we may have expected.  ncludes a glossary of key terms, transcripts of personal interviews, bibliography, Scripture index, and subject index.